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Things a traveler needs to know

Travel Between The Pages

Even if you are a seasoned international traveler, there are certainly times when you are at loss when away from home. This interesting infographic/quiz from the British travel agency Travelbag covers “50 things a traveler should know”. What kind of traveler are you? Tepid or Super Nomad?


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Benefits of Traveling

lols……funny and enlightening….

Travel Dilemma

Benefits of Traveling

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A Trip to the Oldest Chinatown in the World

22 Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist



22 Unbelievable places that actually exist… (all these photos in this blog is from this source:

1. Tunnel Of Love in Ukraine

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The Wisteria Flower Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Garden

raw beauty



Located in the city of Kitakyushu, Japan, Kawachi Fuji Garden is home to an incredible 150 Wisteria flowering plants spanning 20 different species. The garden’s main attraction is the Wisteria tunnel that allows visitors to walk down an enchanting tunnel exploding with colour.

Located about 6 hours (according to Google Maps) from Tokyo, the best time to visit is from late April to mid May, typically peaking at the end of April. The garden is private so there is an entry fee.

Below you will find a gallery of this stunning garden along with information on wisteria and travel tips and visitor details I was able to cull from various sources online.



kawachi fuji garden kitakyushu japan wisteria (5)

Photograph via




kawachi fuji garden wisteria tunnel kitakyushu japan (4)




kawachi fuji garden kitakyushu japan wisteria (6)

Photograph via




kawachi fuji garden kitakyushu japan wisteria (2)

Photograph via




Wisteria is a genus of flowering plants…

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A Classic Vacation Day in Rio



You have been hearing about the city of Rio de Janerio, Brazil for quite some time. Your peers have told you their experiences and it all sounds extraordinary. Their story has stirred so much anxiety and urge to get a taste of the awesomeness, a taste of the cool breeze blowing off the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The opportunity then comes. You nail a seven day vacation from work to anywhere you like and your agent at worldntraveland gets you a wonderful vacation package to Rio de Janerio. This is your chance to finally satisfy your expectations, curiosity and fulfil your dream of visiting the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, the largest city in Brazil.

You don’t want to miss out on anything, so you have to plan your stay and get the vibes of a mind blowing vacation. A single day in Rio is enough to totally delight you, how much more 7 days. One might ask what he can do in a day in Rio that is so outstanding. And I say, seeing is believing.

Start the day with a stopover at a juice store. They are located all over the city. There are several delicacies in Rio but their specialty is Feijoada. It is the traditional dish. Feijoada is a combination of Portuguese and African influences and consists of black beans and pork heated up to make a stew. What a way to start your day. You can also have pastries and snacks which are easily bought on the streets. Complement your breakfast with a cup of coffee or fruit juice.

Feed your eyes

Energised and refreshed from the breakfast, head to the Ipanema beach. Going early, you get a good spot where you can have a wonderful view. The beach is marked by posts dividing subcultures as diverse as the city itself. There are posts for artists and hippies and posts for sport lovers with ongoing volley ball, soccer, frescobol games. The beach is lined with little kiosks that sell food and the least expensive beer. Meet and mix with the locals at the beach and have a great time.Image

Your still at the beach having fun and hunger sets in. Put on your sunshade and head over to one of Rios steak houses were you can have perfectly grilled meat spiced so good that you might want to  lick your plate clean. Esplanade grill is one of the city’s finest. You can either choose to stay indoors or outside.

Don’t get tired now…….Image

You still have six days to go but you might consider going for a little sightseeing and dodge the heat of the sun. Stand in awe at the gracefulness of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer as it overlooks the city far below standing 98 feet tall. Head over to Cosmo Velho, where the slightly unnerving cog train to the 710 metres high peak known as Corcovado ascends through protected Tijuca national forest to the Cristo Redentor, one of the most impressive monuments and urban views on earth. So spectacular that it was voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

Still have time?

Book a tour and go on a fascinating journey into Rio’s shanty towns and witness what life is like for the less privileged in Brazil. You can also go on another tour through historic Santa Teresa, Rio’s hillside bohemian neighbourhood, full of historic mansions, interesting museum and artsy shops.

Get the party started

They say Lagos never sleeps, Rio doesn’t get much sleep either. Head over to the Meza Bar before heading to Lapa, Rio’s sandy but superb nightlife district and help yourself with Brazilian-slanted tapas and creative cocktail. Get in the party mood by stopping at a café, eat snacks and have a few glasses of beer. You have a choice of rock, jazz, salsa, samba and local Brazilian drum bands at the Baixo Quiteria and Baixo Farme, two blocks with a number of party spots. For the rock lovers, the Emporio bar is the place for you.

If the night is still young, go to the Rio Scenarium. It can be a little crowded but the thrill is endless, each of its three cinematic floors is lavishly decorated with some 10,000 movie set props and abundant antique furniture. Go on, take that work load off on that 18th century Victorian Divan, you earned it.

Well, if you are still holding back on taking that vacation, you are missing out on a chance of a life time. Call our agents and log on to our website to get your vacation package and have a YABA DABA DOO TIME!!!!!

Game of Thrones Season 4: top 6 moments to look forward too (from trailer)



The trailer for the fourth season of the HBO epic has been released, with levels of anticipation bordering those of breaking bad season 5.2. Unlike the notoriously vague teasers for the later, this trailer was action packed and informative. Here (from the perspective of someone who hasnt read the books yet) are the top 5 moments we can look forward to in what will undoubtedly be televisions biggest event of 2014.


1. Huge Dragon over Kings Landing

To big to be danaerys’ dragons, I guess that means it must just be a flashback.


2. Tyrion is arrested

in kings landing, which given his high status must have been issued by Joffrey. One to many bitch slaps?


3. Wildlings invade (someone/someplace)

as seen by Ygritte in a temperate area and later battle scenes


4. Joffrey marries Margaery

in an event apparently called ‘The Purple Wedding.’ Hopefully its like the Red Wedding…

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