Life as a country bumpkin...not a city girl


Like I alluded to in the last post I went to the Australian Open last night…the bonus of being in Melbourne for holidays and while going between Country Town and Country Town 2.0.

So last night was rather interesting at the tennis…for those of you that don’t know the Australian Open has two sessions a day…at least in the first 10 or so days.  The day session and the night session…now the night session on Rod Laver Arena, which is the main court is due to start at 7pm, unless of course like last night Lleyton Hewitt was still playing.

Now I didn’t mind too much except it was quite hot yesterday…43C (110 F)…so sitting around waiting was good when there was a breeze, which seemed quite rare.

It started off annoying because the heat caused problems for the trams, which meant having to walk 15 minutes to get to…

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