The trailer for the fourth season of the HBO epic has been released, with levels of anticipation bordering those of breaking bad season 5.2. Unlike the notoriously vague teasers for the later, this trailer was action packed and informative. Here (from the perspective of someone who hasnt read the books yet) are the top 5 moments we can look forward to in what will undoubtedly be televisions biggest event of 2014.


1. Huge Dragon over Kings Landing

To big to be danaerys’ dragons, I guess that means it must just be a flashback.


2. Tyrion is arrested

in kings landing, which given his high status must have been issued by Joffrey. One to many bitch slaps?


3. Wildlings invade (someone/someplace)

as seen by Ygritte in a temperate area and later battle scenes


4. Joffrey marries Margaery

in an event apparently called ‘The Purple Wedding.’ Hopefully its like the Red Wedding…

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