Nairobi experience



Join an English speaking guide to explore Nairobi. Take a walk through Uhuru Park in the heart of the city, than wander past the parliament buildings to the mausoleum of the first president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

See the Kenyatta Conference Centre and the August 7th memorial park which was built to commemorate the bombing of the US Embassy. There is also time to visit the Kenya National Archives and various other sites within the city centre. Walking through the city streets and travelling by public transport provides plenty of opportunity to mingle with the locals as they go about their daily lives. Enjoy an opportunity to sample local cuisine with lunch at a restaurant.

Duration: Approx. 4-5 hours
Start or opening time: Daily departure at 9am
End or closing time: Approximately at 12-1pm
Languages: English

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How to survive that long flight



Here are some tips on how to feel good and comfortable in a long flight:

DRINK PLENTY: Economy flights rarely provide enough water for passengers, so take a two-litre bottle with you. As you dehydrate, your blood thickens, making a clot more likely. The recycled, air-conditioned atmosphere on a plane is as dry as a desert, so drink plenty of fruit juice and water before and during your flight, especially if you are returning from a hot country and are already dehydrated. Avoid tea, coffee, colas and other caffeinated drinks, which are all diuretics.
TAKE AN ASPIRIN: A 75mg aspirin on the morning of your flight, with one per day for the following two or three days, can lower your risk of a Deep vein thrombosis  (DVT) by one-third, says Farroll Kahn, because it thins the blood. However, if you have not taken aspirin before or have stomach problems…

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The Facebook Experiment: the ‘why’ questions…

For profit reasons or for sociology?….. these are the questions I think the experiment is yet to answer….besides aren’t businesses going to gain since the experiment Will provide alternate ways of marketing ?

Paul Bernal's Blog

Facebook question markA great deal has been written about the Facebook experiment – what did they actually do, how did they do it, what was the effect, was it ethical, was it legal, will it be challenged and so forth – but I think we need to step back a little and ask two further questions. Why did they do the experiment, and why did they publish it in this ‘academic’ form.

What Facebook tell us about their motivations for the experiment should be taken with a distinct pinch of salt: we need to look further. What Facebook does, it generally does for one simple reason: to benefit Facebook’s bottom line. They do things to build their business, and to make more money. That may involve getting more subscribers, or making those subscribers stay online for longer, or, most crucially and most directly, by getting more money from its advertisers. Subscribers are…

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Summer Vacation Beach

Workaholics please take note – a vacation is a must. So forget your guilty feelings. Trash your stoical attitude of boasting about not having had a break since the year dot. Times have changed! Here are ten reasons why you should take a vacation>>>>>>>
1. Gain Perspective on Life – During day to day work our minds are caught up with the problems and activities of the job. Vacations are times for a change of pace. A great vacation might cause you to think, “This is what life is about!” Ask yourself – Do you live to work or work to live?

2. Wards Off Burn Out – Vacations give you time to relax, de-stress and let go. Constant stress on the job can lead to burn out. Recovering from burnout requires lots on non work time.

3. Enhances Creativity – Any down time in which you let the daily worries go…

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Events happening across the globe

Very useful


Year Date(s) Sport Event Location
2014 May 3 Horse Racing Kentucky Derby Louisville, Kentucky, US
2014 May 17 Soccer FA Cup final Wembley Stadium, London
2014 May 24 Soccer UEFA Champions League final
2014 May 26-Jun 8 Tennis French Open Paris, France
2014 Jun 2-14 Field Hockey World Cup (men and women) The Hague, Netherlands
2014 Jun 12-15 Golf US Open Pinehurst, North Carolina
2014 Jun 23-July 6 Tennis Wimbledon London, England
2014 Jul 5-July 27 Cycling Tour de France France
2014 Jul 23-Aug 3 Multi-sports Commonwealth Games Glasgow, Scotland
2014 Aug 16-28 Multisports Summer Youth Olympics Nanjing, China
2014 Aug 25-Sep 8 Tennis US Open New York
2014 Sep 19-Oct 4 Multi-sports Asian Games Incheon, South Korea
2014 Sep 27 AFL Grand Final Melbourne, Australia
2014 Oct 3-13 Gymnastics world championships (artistic) Nanning, China
2014 Dec 13–21 Field Hockey FIH Champions Trophy – men India

Other events

Date name Type

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Truly Asia


Malaysia is the perfect holiday target. From busy cities to gorgeous beaches, green rainforests to temperate waters rich with aquatic life, there are many attractive spots in Malaysia to visit, and a lot to do.

There are numerous reasons to vacation Malaysia; however, here are the top 8 reasons that makes Malaysia the perfect vacation spot:


1. The weather is hot all year round

There is no spring, summer, autumn or winter. Every day is a sunny day. The temperature stays pretty much constant all year round, that is to say, hot! The rain, when it does come (more so in the monsoon season during November to March) is refreshing and cooling, so it is actually a welcomed occurrence.


2. You get to experience three cultures (and more) in one country

You may have noticed the “Truly Asia” tag in the title of this post. This was coined…

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How To Become An Influential Employee In Your Workplace

There is no gainsaying the fact wielding influence in the workplace is one of the biggest tools of office politics. It has pros and cons. Pros: it can aid your career growth and within short period of time, you may rise through the career ladder. The cons include placing you at a risk of jealousy among co-workers. People that try to stamp their influence in the workplace also stand the risk of trying too hard to impress and it can backfire. Why influence appears to be more of personality thing – some people are born leaders, some are just not cut out for it – it can be built. This essay discusses tips to becoming an influential employee in your workplace.

◾Perform, perform and perform: You can still be influential without being a high performer, but the influence may not take you far. So the easiest way to becoming an influential figure in the workplace is consistent high performance. Do your work diligently, meet targets, turn in reports before deadline. When people know you for these qualities, they tend to respect you. When co-workers respect you, that’s a sure-fire way to becoming influential.

◾Assist others: Be willing to help others. When a new joiner is recruited to your department or someone is posted from another department, be willing to offer assistance in making sure the new guy seamlessly boards. Always share your knowledge, bail out that your struggling colleague. When you’re known for always willing to assist, you command respect, and ultimately influence, among your colleagues.

◾Be friendly to everyone: The easiest way to creating enemies for yourself in the workplace is forming superiority, what the Yoruba people call alakori. You see, it actually costs you nothing to be the first to greet that guy in the elevator even if you’re far above him in the corporate hierarchy. From the gateman to the GM, cultivate the habit of being friendly to everyone. Having a sense of humour also helps in this regard.

◾Volunteer in company activities: Don’t think the world starts and ends on your JD. No, taking part in other corporate activities that have nothing to do with your primary role is a fast way to growing your clout in your workplace. Volunteer to be part of a project implementation team, your department’s safety officer, sports day committee, end of the year party committee, contributing to company internal publications, etc. Take active part, but never to the detriment of your primary role. Another advantage of this is that you get to be easily noticed by top management, who are the key decision makers. You should not overdo this though, else you stand the risk of being labeled “Notice Me” like one guy in one of my former places of work.

◾Be friend to the HR: Let’s face it: being friend to the HR Manager and officers has many advantages and it is part of office politics. HR people make the most of the corporate decisions and you never know when some decisions will be favourable to you. It doesn’t have to be close friendship, just some informality.

◾Be passionate about your company: For many employees, the relationship between them and their work end after they shut down their system by 5 o’clock. To become influential in your company, you need to be passionate about your company – use your company stickers, patronize their products, defend them without taking up the job of their corporate communications department. I have a friend that, though a Finance person, is always seizing every opportunity to market his company’s products to my family even in casual discussions. That is not part of his job, in fact, his company is a multinational FMCG with already well known products that hardly need private advertising, but out of my friend’s passion for this company, he goes the extra mile of marketing their products to me. I know someone that almost denied me entrance into his official car because I turned down job offer from his company, and this is very close person, and he doesn’t own the company. That’s how passionate some people are about their company.

◾Make meaningful contributions in meetings: If you’re not the one chairing a meeting, don’t outdo the chairman or even your superiors present, but be known for chipping in highly thoughtful contributions in meetings, whether company-wide, departmental or cross-functional team meetings. This you achieve by preparing well for meetings. Don’t forget the rule of meetings though, like never make your boss look silly, or never talk for talking sake. When you’re known for thoughtful contributions in meetings and even town-halls, you’re on your way to becoming influential in your workplace.

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